Our training style is a blend of concepts and practice. Our aim to use this blended approach to help beginners understand the art and science of our courses so they are adequately skilled to launch into the job market with confidence. We also support experienced hires to retain, excel and be happy on the job.

Our focus are:

Domain knowledge support ( Business + Technical)

Each business area has its core and lines. We complement your core competency learnings with a domain understanding of the following areas:

  • Capital Market & Investment
  • Pension
  • Insurance
  • Retail & Wholesale Banking
  • Mortgage
  • Telecom and
  • Healthcare

Core Competency Building

Building core competencies in any area of our offerings is our primary focus. Here, we put our overall training approach to task: we roll out each course’s key concepts and theories and reinforce with our simulations techniques. Our trainers put their several years of experience into play here to get you ready for the market right after your training, using case studies, role plays that mimic your role at work, videos and in-class mock exercises.

Job Placement

We get you job-ready and assist with job placement. Our coverage include resume preparation that puts you in front of prospective employers, mock interviews, early work days simulation, acculturation. We leverage our network to connect you with employers who are seeking candidates with right set of skills. We have highly skilled trainers in soft and management skills assist your smooth transition at work.

Post-placement Help

Our Call-in Trade ™ and Do-it Trade ™ supports have been carefully designed to help you get going happily on the job. We are open to discuss your pain points on the job and work with you to navigate through. We can also assist with the task you are currently working on in your places of work.

Coaching/Mentoring & Support

We provide personal and group based support to professionals who are currently working and require support on the job. We offer:

Skill and Competency Assessment & job-fit Recommendation.

We have tools that can help us evaluate your strengths and areas of improvement vis-à-vis your desired role and the skillset demands in the market.

Focus Training

We are able to support your specific need in the areas of business analysis, business system analysis, project management, web design, and robotic process automation


We conduct periodic classroom or virtual meet up sessions where random but relevant topic is chosen and openly discussed amongst participants.

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Certification Programmes

Having the right certification comparatively, puts you out there bolder and easily seen in the job market. Employers are constantly looking for refined and best practice ideas and are prepared to pay premium to those who possess them. Our years of experience in business analysis and project management, plus a deep understanding of the requirements of these exams puts us in a good position to help you get there.

We support the following certification

Certification Programmes

  • Project Management Certification (PMP®) by Project Management Institute (PMI), USA.
  • Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®) by International Institute Of Business Analysis (IIBA), Canada.

Certification Programme Review and Application Process

  • Review and application process
    We literarily handhold you through the complicated process of application that enable you to scale the audit process at first try. Prospective candidates who have passed through our guide record 100% success rate in their application. Our instructors are seasoned to guide you through the capturing of work experience, drafting application letters, preparing application package. Try us!


  • Boot Camps
    Our 2-4days provide attendees with a full spectrum of skills, critical, thinking concepts and hands-on guide in Business and Project Management. Professionals who are itching to sit for their CBAP ® and PMP ® certification exams would find this programme very helpful.

Training Delivery Channels

V- Propel Learning

Your location should not limit you! Our live virtual training provides you the opportunity to learn from anywhere around the globe. Join our instructors live through our virtual multimedia learning platform today and experience our unparalleled expertise.

E- Propel Learning

Our thoroughly prepared video materials provide you the opportunity to learn anywhere, anytime and at your own pace. Participants have access to e-materials for a limited period of time that will provide the opportunity to review and reinforce their understanding.

C –Propel Learning

Our classroom training provides face to face interaction with our highly seasoned facilitators. Participants are able to experience first-hand feedback from our facilitators. This platform also provides the opportunity to network with other professionals in Business and Technology domain.

Our training locations are equipped with the state-of-the-art learning supports and are located within your reach.

We also combine our in-class training with virtual learning.

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